HR Service Delivery

Great SLA’s consist of these 5 parts.

Every strong relationship is built upon clear communication, and clear expectations.  That’s what Service Level [...]

The easiest way to personalization & customer loyalty

It happens to me every time I call Delta Airlines customer support.  I love to hear it. [...]

The Key to Making Live Chat Successful in your HR Service Center.

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Poor service? Don’t blame the technology.

It seems every time I take my car to the dealership, they have trouble finding [...]

Best Practices for Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Before an employee can be engaged, they need to be satisfied with the core aspects [...]

What’s the Right type Service Rep in the Age of Self Service?

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Corkscrews, Can Openers and Business Intelligence

When a person picks up a tool, they normally do it accomplish a specific task; to solve [...]

The Night Before Christmas in the HR Service Center

‘Twas the night before Christmas And all through HR, Not a creature was stirring Except [...]

Why the Seat at the Table Still Eludes Some HR Organizations

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Improve your HR Portal with Design Thinking

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