Reduce the number of employees requests and enable HR agents to answer faster and with greater accuracy

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Comprehensive and scalable solution

Employee experience optimization

Offer an intelligent and employee-centric Knowledge Base and reduce incoming employees’ requests

Share highly personalized information considering employees’ profile on a dedicated or integrated portal available 24/7

Offer a single point of access to all HR services and a multi-channel solution to submit a request

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HR Team empowerment

Included in our collaborative case management solution, the intelligent auto-routing tool distributes employees’ requests according to their profile, the content of the request, the workload, and the skills of each HR agent, promoting diversity and reducing monotony

Drive the response times, decrease your costs, and offer high-quality HR services to your employees

Efficiently-Operated organization

Protect case confidentiality HR data security, in compliance with GDPR. Personalize the solution to fit with your company culture and identity. Enjoy real-time dashboards and reports, to monitor HR team’s activities and take strategic decisions.

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Ready for tomorrow

Our comprehensive solution, based on +15 years of expertise and HRSD best practices, is implemented quickly. Designed to integrate with your HRIS and answer your future needs, it is easily scalable in compliance with the growth of your company and to other modules such as, HR Process Management, HR Documents Management, Employee Journey Management and Employee Relations Management.

Grow your business faster with our HR modules

Neocase HR Ready is the only solution designed for midsized organizations with rapid implementation timelines while keeping an open path to add capabilities as your HR organization or service center evolves.

Empower employees & managers to be self-sufficient, any time, from any device


Employees, Managers and HR Business Partners have access to the capabilities and information that makes each of them self-sufficient and productive. The Portal can be accessed from anywhere, at any time from virtually any device including tablets and smartphones. The personalization, configurability and accessibility of the Portal make it a practical and convenient tool for everyone involved.

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Improve operational efficiency and productivity of the HR organization


The collaborative Case Management tools in Neocase HR Ready will enable your HR organization to tap into the right resources to easily and efficiently resolve even the most complex cases. What's more, Neocase connectors automatically file documents collected within the Case Management process into Enterprise Document Management (EDM) or ERP systems.

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Capture employee feedback through configurable surveys & improve satisfaction with insightful reports


The business of HR Shared Services is based upon two primary objectives: reducing the cost of service delivery, and increasing employee satisfaction. Measure employee satisfaction by configuring and distributing satisfaction surveys with the Neocase HR Power Satisfaction Survey module.


Use employee data to deliver more relevant and personalized results for a better employee experience


Agents can access policy information in context, with less effort. The Knowledge Base plays a major role in HR Service Delivery. In fact, for many of the productivity gains that an HR organization sets out to achieve, it relies on the Knowledge Base to deliver. The personalized Knowledge Base in Neocase HR Ready delivers over 80% Tier 0 Resolution rate.

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Email Management


The Email Management module in HR Power includes a Rules Engine for processing inbound emails, and Email Template tools that dramatically improve agent efficiency, and employee experience through higher quality, consistent communication. Configurable email templates and rules automate outbound email communication, improving both consistency and efficiency.


Gain new business insights to make the right changes to improve quality & results


Neocase HR Ready comes with 34 KPI's and 50+ pre-built reports to help you to continually improve your organization's performance. The graphic SLA-oriented dashboards organize and pre-prioritize cases so agents can stay organized and focus on the right cases, completing them before their deadlines.

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Do more with the solutions you already use



Extensible for the future

Neocase HR Ready is designed so that you can incrementally add automated processes & functional components as your HR or service organization develops and matures.

Business Process Automation

Individual processes can be added to Ready as needed to increase HR productivity and compliance:

  • Onboarding, Tuition Reimbursement, Employee Relations Complaint, etc.

  • Digital smart forms

  • Graphic process designer

  • Business activity monitoring

  • Connectors to 3rd party applications

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Additional Intake Channels

Ensure easy user access and convenient Employee Experience with additional intake channels:

  • Instant Messaging (e.g. via Skype, Teams, Slack)

  • Live Chat

  • Integration to your ChatBot

  • Telephony integration via CTI

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Electronic Document Management


Make HR paperless, more productive and increase auditability and security with electronic document and storage tools that will eliminate manual tasks:

  • Smart Document Generation

  • Document Approval

  • Electronic Signature

  • Electronic Document Storage

  • E-Vault

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Integrations increase the convenience, accessibility and capabilities of your Neocase HR Ready:

  • Single Sign-on
  • Certified Connectors to your HCM and 3rd party solutions and applications.

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