HR Service Delivery

3 Ways to Get More Value From Your Cloud Software

It’s been said that we only use 10% of our brain’s capability.  Similar statements can [...]

An Observation from Workday Rising

Technology vendors can easily fall into a “control” mindset.  Here’s what it is, and how [...]

What Our Grandmothers Knew About Optimizing HR Service Technology

This past May, IQPC surveyed the attendees at of their 21st HR Shared Services & [...]

5 Basic HR Service Delivery Metrics You Can’t Ignore

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”   There’s a trove of business [...]

What’s an API, and why should HR care?

In 1624, English poet John Donne wrote “No man is an island.”   If Donne wrote [...]

Was Ram Charan Right About Splitting HR?

Two years ago, Harvard Business Review published an article written by Ram Charan, the world-renowned [...]


What will HR Shared Services be Like in 10 Years?

On July 15 of this year, CNN reported that the Global X Robotics and Artificial [...]


Which Matters Most: Technology, Physical Surroundings or Culture?

These days, every company seems to want to deliver a better employee experience. But the [...]

How to Release Software Enhancements so People Use Them

In the Business to Business (B2B) software practice, our goal is to create a product [...]

How to Forget about Work when you’re On Vacation

Ah, yes – it’s vacation season for many countries in the northern hemisphere.  That means [...]

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