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Elevate Employee Experience with Successful Onboarding

Ensure a smooth experience for your employees, from candidate validation to exit. Integrated with your HRIS, our solution secures transactions and supports employees by providing the necessary information at each stage. Trust in a reliable solution that allows your HR team to focus on human interactions. Watch it in action.

Seamless Experience from A to Z

Triggered when recruitment is validated, the Preboarding process enables future employees to prepare for their arrival at the company by giving them access to a knowledge base, entering their details and sending their documents, signing their employment contract (generated automatically), choosing their equipment, asking questions and much more.
The Onboarding process organizes the first few weeks of the new employee’s administrative, human, social, and cultural life. Meet your sponsor, visit the offices, e-learning, and quizzes: don’t miss a single step in the integration and learning process!
Crossboarding manages the different types of internal mobility (horizontal, vertical, or geographical), to accompany the end of an assignment and the arrival in a new department.
Reboarding supports the return of your employees after a long-term absence (maternity, parental or sabbatical leave, sick leave, or any other reason for prolonged absence) and provides security at this fragile time.
Finally, the Offboarding process allows you to look after your employees until they leave and preserve your employer brand. Your former employees will become your best ambassadors!
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The shift to hybrid working requires organisations to transform their digital employee experience, especially when faced with skills shortages. Neocase Employee Journey simplifies the process of creating and implementing engaging and effective employee journeys, enabling HR teams to accelerate the impact of individuals and the wider organisation.

Sven Elbert, Senior Analyst, Fosway Group.

Preconfigured and 100% Flexible Solution

Customize each process according to your company culture with flexible journeys and adaptable stages. Save time with our templates for journeys, forms, emails, and documents. Harmonize procedures while respecting local peculiarities. Leverage our solid experience to design your own!

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Robust and Agile Processes

Regardless of your organization’s size, our solution adapts to your needs, integrating local regulations, international and sector-specific journeys, or any other specificity with a few clicks. Trust in a versatile solution that perfectly adjusts to your requirements, regardless of your scale.

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Optimize Your Digital Transformation

To make your employee experience even smoother, our solution quickly integrates with your HRIS. Connect employee journeys to third-party applications such as recruitment, payroll, time management, or electronic signature providers. Extract the best from digitalization by analyzing employee journey processes through reports and dashboards, highlighting areas for improvement. Collect employee satisfaction feedback at each stage with our Employee Journey solution.

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