Swift HR Request Processing

Ensure quick HR request processing across channels with our collaborative Case Management module. Set SLAs, monitor performance, and utilize dashboard insights for maximum operational efficiency.


Smart Knowledge Base

Our AI-powered search engine delivers tailored HR answers based on individual profiles, improving Tier 0 resolution rates. HR teams maintain control with easy content updates, ensuring quick and efficient knowledge management.

AI-Enhanced Query Handling

Experience the power of AI in handling natural language HR queries. Benefit from automatic translation for seamless communication and let Neocase route requests to the right HR manager, enhancing efficiency.


Efficient Case Management

Increase HR productivity by 30% to 50% with our Case Management and Knowledge Base modules. Real-time dashboards allow prioritization, ensuring teams focus on service quality and compliance with SLAs.

Well-being Through Automation

Promote well-being with our intelligent tool for request distribution. AI-based rules consider workload, skills, and processing time, fostering diversity and reducing monotony in HR teams.

02_Satisfaction Survey

Quality Experience Measurement

Prioritize employee satisfaction with our survey tool in the Case Management module. Detailed reports provide actionable insights, helping enhance HR service delivery and maximize satisfaction scores.

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Employees use portals that make their lives easier.  Like getting personalized answers anytime, from a knowledge base.  That's easier than calling HR. Submitting a new request, or checking the status of an open request.  It's easier when you can do it yourself, anytime, from any device. Managers like the convenience of accessing policies or submitting cases on behalf of their employees, without asking HR.  And everyone can access other applications from the portal, through convenient links. When portals make lives easier, the portals are used more often.  And that creates time for HR to focus on more strategic initiatives!

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Employees love the convenience of Neocase.  They enter the self-service portal from their smart phones, kiosks, or anything with a browser. They can use your company's chat bot to get personalized answers from the Knowledge base, or update a case. And when they're in Skype, Slack or other Instant Messaging apps, they can send a message to a bot to find an answer or send a request to HR. And they can always email or phone the service center. Neocase converts those to cases - so HR doesn't have to - through rules or telephony integration.

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Service center managers want to find potential problem before they become real problems.   Neocase dashboards keep them ahead of the curve, so they can take action.  And they can get answers to other key questions from the 50-plus standard reports designed for HR Service delivery.  They use these interactive tools to drill into the data, and find and fix the root cause to service center issues.

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