Realtime Dashboards

You can feel confident that work is being accomplished and every employee requests is being answered because all agents and teams are aligned in their case management efforts. This is because each individual is guided by a role-based dashboard that continually prioritizes cases in real time, according to your established SLA criteria. Warning zones and other dashboard tools keep agents focused and efficient.


Pre-configured Service Reports

Do you want to improve your Tier Zero Resolution (TZR)?Then run the “Portal Performance Report” to see your current TZR level. Dig a little deeper and you can identify the adjustments that will increase TZR for next month.

34 KPI’s and 50+ pre-built reports will help you to continually improve your center’s performance. Reports are designed to measure what matters in an HR service center. You’ll know exactly where to focus your efforts so that you can make each month better than the last.

Custom Reporting Tool

Service Center managers are able to get the insights and KPI’s they need because they have flexible access to the data in Neocase.

When you can’t get the calculations, visuals or data formats you need from the pre-configured reports, the Custom Report Builder gives you the capability to create reports in  graphical and tabular formats, including custom calculations, using your unique data sets.


Advanced Business Intelligence

Are you comfortable using Microsoft Excel? Stay comfortable because the Advanced Business Intelligence tools let you connect from Excel to Neocase.

And if you use analytics software, we have developed a PowerBI connector that allows you to update data automatically from HR requests.

You’ll be more productive and help your service centers succeed by leaning into insights and decision-making using the tools you already know.

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HR organizations around the world have improved productivity by using the Case Management and Knowledge Management tools in Neocase.

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HR spend less time on administrative work because they’ve automated processes through the Business Process Automation module. Instead, they’re spending the time doing strategic work.

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HR have simplified paper because they’re now creating, approving, signing and storing documents electronically.

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