Effortless Process Automation

No-code process editor allows HR teams to automate tasks seamlessly. Employees and managers can initiate processes, like telecommuting requests, using personalized catalogs. HR teams gain autonomy with this user-friendly solution.

Automated Document Generation

Neocase’s intelligent tool generates personalized HR documents like contracts and certificates, detecting and incorporating necessary data without HR intervention, ensuring compliance and efficiency.


Enhanced Employee Journeys

Automate employee journeys, from onboarding to offboarding, and manage internal complaints and disciplinary procedures. Boost HR management reliability, reduce errors, and expedite internal processes with digitized workflows.

Electronic Signatures for Efficiency

Utilize electronic signatures from partners like Docusign and Adobe Sign, ensuring time savings and an improved employee experience. Easy integration with other tools for seamless document signing.


Connectors for Seamless Integration

 Neocase offers third-party connectors for seamless automation. Connect processes across systems, reducing manual data entry for HR teams, allowing them to focus on strategic matters.

Dashboard Insights for Optimization

Real-time dashboards and analytical reports help HR services teams manage transactions, identify bottlenecks, and continuously improve processes. Optimize efficiency and streamline HR operations with Neocase.

AXA - Our customers - Neocase

“By taking control of Business Process Automation, Neocase gives us the opportunity to customise our processes according to local needs and legislation. We really appreciate that.“

icone 5 stars

Kevin Michenet
Global HRIS Lead

“We are saving considerable time during the signing phase, which is of crucial importance to Cerba. Thanks to Neocase and Docusign, we are saving precious and tangible time. The benefits are undeniable.”

icone 5 stars

Jacques Coffinières
HRIS Development Manager
UCB Pharma - Our customers - Neocase

Thanks to Neocase, we have been able to create a system that is 100% useful for all our HR teams around the world.

icone 5 stars

Sara Stroo
Head of the Global Talent Processes & Technology team

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Employees use portals that make their lives easier.  Like getting personalized answers anytime, from a knowledge base.  That's easier than calling HR. Submitting a new request, or checking the status of an open request.  It's easier when you can do it yourself, anytime, from any device. Managers like the convenience of accessing policies or submitting cases on behalf of their employees, without asking HR.  And everyone can access other applications from the portal, through convenient links. When portals make lives easier, the portals are used more often.  And that creates time for HR to focus on more strategic initiatives!

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Employees love the convenience of Neocase.  They enter the self-service portal from their smart phones, kiosks, or anything with a browser. They can use your company's chat bot to get personalized answers from the Knowledge base, or update a case. And when they're in Skype, Slack or other Instant Messaging apps, they can send a message to a bot to find an answer or send a request to HR. And they can always email or phone the service center. Neocase converts those to cases - so HR doesn't have to - through rules or telephony integration.

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Service center managers want to find potential problem before they become real problems.   Neocase dashboards keep them ahead of the curve, so they can take action.  And they can get answers to other key questions from the 50-plus standard reports designed for HR Service delivery.  They use these interactive tools to drill into the data, and find and fix the root cause to service center issues.

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