What we do

Neocase™ Software is a leading provider of integrated HR and Finance Service Delivery solutions. We enable large and mid-size organizations to deliver a better employee, customer and supplier experience, and standardize & automate processes to reduce costs.

Neocase Software is your one stop shop for enterprise-class and SaaS solutions for Service Delivery.

Providing cost effective, innovative and powerful solutions, it streamlines global businesses by enhancing their customer relationships through its uniquely adaptive, flexible and unified solution designed to help the workforce deliver more for less.

Corporate Datasheet

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Our core values

Our core values are designed to give us a common vision and goal to achieve job satisfaction and success in our every day lives. They help us enjoy our time at work whilst making the right decisions to help customers achieve their objectives.

Team Work

People are the core of any business and when they work in teams – nothing can beat that. Every member in the team has to perform and contribute in their best possible way to achieve a common goal. Team members are motivated to perform and improve on a daily basis.

Customer Focus

Every decision at Neocase, at every level of the organization, is made with customer success in mind.  The reason we do what we do is to help our customers succeed.  When our customers succeed, we succeed.


Innovation is at the forefront of what we believe in – helping our customers get more for less. We thrive on innovation and look to evolve as a company every day to provide our customers with what is best for their business.


Our success lies in the success of our customers. To achieve this we take every day as a challenge to achieve something new and reach new heights. A happy customer is success to our ears.


We are committed and endeavour to deliver on our commitments. We treat one and all equally and communicate honestly and openly.


We are continuously striving to be frontrunners in the products & services we provide. We are continually learning and improving in all spheres to pursue the moving target.

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Neocase ethics & deontology

« CLEAN » : Collaborate and Lead Ethically At Neocase

At Neocase, ethics are in our DNA : a company and a product developed to care for people. Acting with integrity, transparency and respect among the company but also with people outside the company is essential to assert our people value.

Why Neocase

+15 years experience

A proven track record of success – that’s what you get when you partner with Neocase Software. We’ve been working with multinational companies of various sizes, in a variety of industries, for over fifteen years – with one goal in mind – helping these firms best facilitate Service Delivery into their organisation for optimal customer service and satisfaction.

We refer to our customers as ‘partners’ as that is truly the way we see them. Our business is all about providing solutions for Relationship Management; and our customers have been instrumental in the evolution of our offerings – giving us insight into product direction, as well as counsel for the development of new features. The knowledge and experience we gain from each and every customer we add into the Neocase fold helps us design, develop and distribute a better solution.

A complete solution

Neocase’s Service Delivery suites have been built internally from the ground up – to provide a solid foundation of modules created to seamlessly work with one another. This integrated solution approach to design and development means that our customers work within a unified interface - where every component provides critical functionality within the architecture – to best serve the organisation.

From modules used to easily and swiftly create baseline functionality such as End-to-End Business Process Management, Business Intelligence and Personalised Knowledge Base; to components created to optimally serve employees and customers like Collaborative Case Management and Self-Service Portals - Neocase delivers shared services efficiencies and effectiveness across the organisation.

Flexible & Customisable

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings are designed with you – the customer – in mind. From our integrated platforms for Human Resources and Financial Services offered via low-cost, easy to implement SaaS architecture – to our rapid-integration model utilising Web services and open data integration services – we’ve created our offerings to be flexible and customisable – to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Connected, Scalable & Secure

As your company grows, Neocase’s Cloud solutions are designed to grow with you. By leveraging the security and flexibility of Cloud Computing; adding new employee connections is as easy as accessing the Web. It is this scalability coupled with the highest levels of data integrity and security; that make working with Neocase for your Shared Services an experience second to none.

In fact, once an organisation begins working with Neocase – they keep working with us. We have kept our customers extremely satisfied through high levels of service, support and ongoing product enhancement – to the tune of a 95% retention rate – a statistic of which we’re very proud!

24/7 Access

In today’s global business environment, 24/7 access is a requirement. When you work with Neocase Software, not only do our offerings provide anytime, anyplace access – but the same holds true for our customer service. We believe that to seriously play in the global market 24/7 – you must practice what you preach. Our Customer Care Team is available around the clock via offices located across North America, Europe and Asia – to assist in any way with our solutions.

And, when it comes to those solutions, they too are accessible 24/7 via mobile technology to give an organisation the tools it needs to best serve its employees and customers. In fact, companies implementing solutions from Neocase frequently enjoy improved satisfaction rates of over 50%. Automating and streamlining the delivery of Shared Services improves efficiency and productivity while lowering operational costs – great advantages for both the morale and bottom line of your firm.