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Neocase HR offers an intelligent, comprehensive, and flexible solution to digitize your HR services, delivering cost reduction and an enhanced employee experience. Explore how our modular solution optimizes Shared Services Centers, automates interactions, and accelerates operational efficiency. Approved by millions globally, our central module, powered by artificial intelligence, ensures quality responses, deadline adherence, and cost reduction. Adapt to all organizations, even the most complex, with complete digitization of business processes and intelligent HR documentation management. Harmoniously integrated with your HRIS, and with analysis and performance management tools, Neocase HR propels your HR productivity to new heights.

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Innovate for Employee Experience

Enhance employee autonomy with multichannel access to HR services through the portal, chatbot, mobile app, phone, and email. Our revolutionary knowledge base integrates artificial intelligence for personalized responses tailored to each employee’s profile, in all languages and communication levels. Provide an efficient and satisfying HR experience where autonomy is the key.

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The Most Robust and Innovative HR Solution in the Market

With hundreds of implementations across various sectors and millions of served employees, Neocase HR stands as the most robust and innovative HR solution. Our priority is the satisfaction of employees and HR managers, recognized by market specialists like Gartner, Fosway, and G2, and endorsed by our technological partners.


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$1.1 Million Costs Saving

MGM Resorts’ HR department realized great gains in productivity by automating administrative tasks.”


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See how MGM Resorts successfully transform its Shared Service Center using Neocase HR Solution

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