Is the SLA Compliance Metric fooling us?

The KPI Library defines SLA Compliance as “The total number of incidents resolved within SLA time divided by the total number of incidents.”  In fact, this is the calculation used by many service centers, to determine how well they’re meeting their Service Level Agreements.  But the simplicity of the metric prevents it from revealing greater detail about how well SLA’s are being met.

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How to Build an HR Knowledge Base

So, you’ve decided to stand up an HR Service Delivery solution with case management, HR knowledge base and a self-service portal.  But there’s one problem – you don’t have much content to put in the knowledge base.

How can you build your knowledge base?  Where do you begin?

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Implementing Software? Beware of Feature Overload.

As a software vendor, we receive and review dozens (hundreds?) of Requests for Proposal (RFP’s) every year for HR Case Management, Knowledge base and Self-service software.

The Rise of Feature Overload

It used to be that the typical RFP requested between 75 and 150 product features (excluding non-functional requirements, like data security).  But within the past 18 months, that number has increased dramatically.   The typical RFP now requests 150-300 features, with a few outliers exceeding 500.  Feature overload is clearly becoming an unhealthy issue. 

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Hire employees you’re willing to trust. Then trust them.

I called my bank the other day to ask them to reverse a service charge.  Technically, the charge was my fault.  But given the details of the situation, I felt I had a good case for waiving the fee.  My optimistic self thought I’d spend a few minutes explaining the case to a customer service rep, before pleading my case to a supervisor.

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3 Steps to a Consumer-grade HR Knowledge base

If HR wants its customers to get excited about the experiences they deliver, they can start by viewing their customers as consumers instead of employees.  And an easy place to begin is the HR knowledge base.  Here are 3 actions you can begin taking now, to make your knowledge base more consumer-grade, to drive improved results.  

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2 Keys to Driving more Traffic to Self-Service

Companies and HR organizations alike love when customers go to the Self Service Portal for support.

They love it because resolving an incident through self-service may cost $1, compared to $7 via email, compared to $15 or more, with a live agent over the phone.  There’s money in self service, if you can just get your customers to go there. 

What’s the secret?

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What’s the best way to make Self-service Mobile? Responsive Web Design, or a Native App?

Self-service is arguably the strongest lever for transforming HR from an administrative support function to that of a strategic business partner.  Similarly, mobile access is rapidly becoming the strongest lever getting employees to use self-service. succeed.

Why Mobilizing Self Service is so important

In November of 2016, The Guardian reported that worldwide mobile browsing of websites overtook desktop traffic for te first time.  Mobile browsing accounted for 51.3% of traffic compared with 48.7% for desktops.  This trend toward mobile will only increase.  But you already knew that, right? 

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Who’s looking out for the HR CSRs?

If you search Amazon for books on the topic of “customer experience,” you’ll find there are 3,320 of them.  If you do the same search on “employee experience,” you’ll find 452.  Both can be considered hot topics.

There’s a unique job where you’re responsible for delivering both.  And that position is the customer service representative (CSR) in the HR service center.  (Let’s call them HRCSR’s.) 

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7 Ways HR Technology can Speed Transformation

Technology provides the digital lifeblood that enables HR Transformation. The following 7 points are some of the key capabilities which technology empowers.

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Call Center Scripts should be used like Training Wheels

When scripts are over-used in a call center, it becomes awkward for everyone.  And worse, using them can squander opportunities to build customer relationships.

Let me give you an example. Last Monday, I called my bank to ask them to resolve an issue I was having with online banking.

The conversation went like this:

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