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Neocase ranked as “Core Leader” in the 2022 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Cloud HR

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“The shift to hybrid working requires organisations to transform their digital employee experience, especially when faced with skills shortages. Neocase Employee Journey simplifies the process of creating and implementing engaging and effective employee journeys, enabling HR teams to accelerate the impact of individuals and the wider organisation.”

Sven Elbert, Senior Analyst, Fosway Group.

Engage, streamline & deliver new value

Looking to gain more time to create value that employees and leadership will love? Engage your employees with a personalized experience and streamline HR administrative tasks through process automation tools. 

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Neocase™ Software is a leading provider of integrated HR and Finance service delivery solutions

We enable large and mid-size organizations to deliver a better employee, customer and supplier experience in addition to standardizing and automating processes which reduce costs.


What our customers say

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“So definitely as a tool, as a leader and as a user, it’s fantastic!”


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Robert Martin
Support Team Leader

“Neocase has become much more than an HR solution; it has become an HR reputation enabler.”


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Marc Sobieski
HR Operations Manager


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“We never imagined that we would be so successful and deliver 15 automated processes in 3 months compared to the estimated 8 processes in 5 months.”


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Sara Stroo
Global Talent Processes and Technology Team Lead

Automate processes faster with a pre-configured solution

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Need a scalable & flexible solution to automate more HR Processes?

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Work faster with our HRIS modules

Collaborative Case Management

Capture and organize requests easily and efficiently. The collaborative Case Management tools in Neocase HR will enable your service center to tap into the right resources – both internal and external – to resolve even the most complex cases efficiently.

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Knowledge Base

Agents can access policy information in context, with less effort. The Knowledge Base plays a major role in HR Service Delivery. In fact, for many of the productivity gains that a Shared Service Center sets out to achieve, it relies on the Knowledge Base to deliver. The Knowledge Base in Neocase HR delivers over 80% Tier 0 Resolution rate.

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Self-Service Portal

Employees, Managers and HR Business Partners have access to the capabilities and information that makes each of them self-sufficient and productive. The Portal can be accessed from anywhere, at any time from virtually any device including tablets and smartphones. The personalization, configurability and accessibility of the Portal make it a practical and convenient tool for everyone involved.

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Advanced Business Process management

The Advanced Business Process Management module in Neocase HR provides the tools to design, test, publish, analyse and optimize these complex processes as complete, efficient, and automated services.

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Digital Document Management

Neocase connectors automatically file documents collected within the case management process into enterprise document management (EDM) or ERP systems.

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Employee Journey

From Onboarding to Offboarding, the Employee Journey solution was designed to meet all these needs:
Employees can find all the information they need to help them start a new position all the way throught to their last day with your organization. This preconfigured solution streamlines your HR processes and brings together the needs of HR, management, and the employees in a single, fully customizable platform.



Email Management

The Email Management module in Neocase HR includes a Rules Engine for processing inbound emails, and Email Template tools that dramatically improve agent efficiency, and employee experience through higher quality, consistent communication. Configurable email templates and rules automate outbound email communication, improving both consistency and efficiency.

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Real-Time Dashboard

Graphic SLA-oriented dashboards organize and pre-prioritize cases so agents can stay organized and focus on the right cases, completing them before their deadlines.

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Satisfaction Management

The business of HR Shared Services is based upon two primary objectives: reducing the cost of service delivery, and increasing employee satisfaction. Measure employee satisfaction by configuring and distributing satisfaction surveys with the Neocase HR Satisfaction Management module.

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Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence module enables you to monitor, manage and systematically improve the value delivered by your service center, through real-time interactive dashboard displays, a suite of several dozen Performance Analysis Reports, a custom Report Builder, and Advanced Business Intelligence tools.

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Proactive SLA Management

Meeting and exceeding customer expectations is at the core of sound service delivery. That’s why Proactive SLA Management is at the core of Neocase HR. SLA’s can be designed and configured according to a variety of criteria, including Process, Employee, Business Unit and Company.

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Live Chat

Customers and suppliers enjoy the convenience of engaging directly with live agents through on-line chat. The Live Chat module in Neocase HR delivers consistency through tight integrations to the Employee Record, Case Management, Knowledge Base and Survey modules.

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Neocase Connect

Neocase Connect seamlessly integrates with ERP and third party point solutions through a variety of methods including API’s, web services, ESB connectors, Single Sign On and user interface integration.

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Simplify operations, work faster

We enable large and mid-size organizations to deliver a better employee, customer and supplier experience, standardize & automate processes to reduce costs.

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Automate & Manage End-to-End HR Processes

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Industry-leading companies partner with Neocase Software

to deliver superior service through personalization and convenience while achieving their transformation goals through process automation.

Who’s using Neocase ?

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From Medium, Large to Fortune 1000 Companies

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We did a comprehensive search and selected Neocase as our vendor of choice. They were up and running in 90 days, the most cost-effective solution, and their Case Management and Knowledge Base modules were significant in our truly obtaining the benefits of our shared services department

Jeff Ellis / VP-CFO, Human Resources Shared Services
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We started our journey to transform HR by building the business case for change. Neocase HR has been instrumental in helping Thales UK achieve these goals. We’ve been able to demonstrate cost savings through streamlining processes and avoiding increasing costs to deliver the services that we really needed.

Joe Ales / Global Director of HR Shared Services
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When we initiated Phase One of the Employee Portal, we anticipated maybe a little over half of the employees would jump on board at first,” explained Donna. “Right off the bat though, we had 99.2% use the portal for benefits enrollment! People were happy with the Portal – they liked it, and were using it.

Donna Ashabranner / Senior Director of Employee Services
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The flexibility of Neocase HR Power has enabled us to deploy process models and service levels suited to HR SSC service users (employees, Business Partners and Managers). Today, we handle more than 8,000 inquiries a month. We also send quarterly dashboards on volumes, performance and risk to our corporate clients

Stéphane Mignola / Payroll and Administration Director
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What’s new at Neocase

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What is Employee Relations and why is it so important?

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Can a generic document solution be adapted to an HR document and what are its challenges?

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Press Release

The 2023 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Cloud HR: Neocase achieves “Core Leader” status.

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