HR Service Delivery

Implementing Software? Beware of Feature Overload.

As a software vendor, we receive and review dozens (hundreds?) of Requests for Proposal (RFP’s) [...]

Hire employees you’re willing to trust. Then trust them.

I called my bank the other day to ask them to reverse a service charge.  Technically, [...]

2 Keys to Driving more Traffic to Self-Service

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What’s the best way to make Self-service Mobile? Responsive Web Design, or a Native App?

Self-service is arguably the strongest lever for transforming HR from an administrative support function to [...]

Who’s looking out for the HR CSRs?

If you search Amazon for books on the topic of “customer experience,” you’ll find there [...]

7 Ways HR Technology can Speed Transformation

Technology provides the digital lifeblood that enables HR Transformation. The following 7 points are some [...]

Call Center Scripts should be used like Training Wheels

When scripts are over-used in a call center, it becomes awkward for everyone.  And worse, [...]

3 Key Elements of Employee Document Management

There are days when HR must feel like they’re in the document business.  After all, [...]

Great Customer Service is about doing the Basics Well.

Vince Lombardi, the legendary football coach once said: Some people try to find things in [...]

Insight doesn’t produce results. Action does.

When Satya Nadella began his role as CEO of Microsoft, he sent a company-wide email that spoke to [...]