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“We had seen very few systems that are able to handle this complexity. There are probably complicated workflows surrounding this. There are more stakeholders involved in this type of process. Usually in HR, you’ll find the manager, maybe a peer, the employee itself, and the HR team being involved. But for this kind of process, many other stakeholders are involved like Works Council members, Women Officers, and so, and so. You need to orchestrate many more actors. That obviously adds an additional level of complexity.”

Sven Elbert, Senior Analyst, Fosway Group.

Grievance Best Practices

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Improve employee confidence at work

Offer employees an easy way to consult internal policies and a safe and confidential way to raise grievances directly from their employee portal. Offer HR Teams an easy-to-use solution to manage grievances, formal complaints, and disciplinary cases. Secure each step of the procedure, from case creation to outcome including evidence uploading, hearing invite signature, and appeal procedure.
Our solution follows the HR best practices and can be personalized easily to fit with local regulations. Every step is monitored and documents, evidence, and outcomes are automatically stored. In case of the employee later makes a claim to the court, they can be used to reduce compliant risks.

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Intuitive Interface
Comprehensive Employee Relations Management

Provide your employees the tools to raise an employee relations process fully embedded in their employee portal. In two clicks, employee access details of the case and personal tasks: electronic signature of the documents, minutes of the hearing, investigation outcomes etc.
Dedicated articles from the knowledge base help employees to check internal policies and guide them through their grievance or disciplinary case. Offer your HR Teams and People Relations Manager tools to easily manage employee relations requests, consult previous cases, track & monitor progress and improve the process thanks to intuitive dashboards.

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Fully Personalized

Neocase provides a secure, reliable, and compliant pre-configured solution with recommended steps for grievance, disciplinary and formal complaints. Depending on local regulation and internal policies, HR teams can easily personalize digitized processes, adding steps, tasks, criteria, or delegators, thanks to Neocase’s no-code process builder.

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HRIS Integration

Our solution has been designed to integrate quickly with any HRIS. Data exchanges can be made from your HRIS with Neocase bi-directionally depending on organization’s business requirements.

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