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“We had seen very few systems that are able to handle this complexity. There are probably complicated workflows surrounding this. There are more stakeholders involved in this type of process. Usually in HR, you’ll find the manager, maybe a peer, the employee itself, and the HR team being involved. But for this kind of process, many other stakeholders are involved like Works Council members, Women Officers, and so, and so. You need to orchestrate many more actors. That obviously adds an additional level of complexity.”

Sven Elbert, Senior Analyst, Fosway Group.

Fosway Group

Secure Procedures, Improve Workplace Trust

Enhance employee trust by providing easy access to internal regulations and a secure, confidential way to formalize complaints through their HR portal. Neocase ensures best practices in workplace conflict management, can be easily customized to comply with local regulations, and controls each step of the procedure. The solution automatically stores documents, evidence, and results, reducing compliance risks if an employee files a subsequent complaint with the court.

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Intuitive Interface For Complete Conflict Management

Provide employees with a simple solution accessible from their HR portal to file complaints or grievances. In just two clicks, they can access their case details and personal tasks, including electronic document signing, interview records, investigation results, etc. The knowledge base guides employees throughout the complaint or disciplinary procedure, while HR teams gain tools for easier conflict management, tracking progress, and identifying improvement areas through data analysis tools.

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Grievance Best Practices

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100% Customizable

Neocase offers a secure, reliable, and compliant preconfigured solution with recommended steps for complaints, grievances, and disciplinary measures. HR teams can easily customize processes, add steps, tasks, criteria, or stakeholders using our no-code process editor based on local regulations and internal rules.

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Seamless Integration with Your HRIS

Designed for quick integration with any HRIS, our solution ensures bidirectional data exchange based on your organization’s needs.

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