Complete Mobile Access

Managers and employees need the same access to resources from their smart phones in an airport as their laptops in their office. When employees are confident they’ll have everything they need wherever they are, they can focus on doing their jobs. Users have a consistent experience from any device, because the Neocase Self-Service Portal is built using a responsive web design.


Personalized User Experience

Employees want to be recognized as unique individuals.  And they feel that from the Neocase portal, because the pages are dynamically personalized to each user. Employee data determines what appears on each portal page. Everything an employee sees is something matters to them as a unique individual. Relevant content give the employee comfort, confidence and a desire to return.  Clients call this “Portal Gravity“.

Enterprise Portal Capabilities

The typical company maintains between 4 and 7 intranet sites.  Each site costs them more to support, while confusing their employees.

Many savvy organizations have reduced maintenance costs, and shown employees the light of day, by consolidating multiple sites into the highly configurable Neocase portal environment.


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HR organizations around the world have improved productivity by using the Case Management and Knowledge Management tools in Neocase.

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HR spend less time on administrative work because they’ve automated processes through the Business Process Automation module. Instead, they’re spending the time doing strategic work.

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HR have simplified paper because they’re now creating, approving, signing and storing documents electronically.

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