Multichannel HR Services Simplified 

Elevate HR interactions with easy-to-use services – from requests and knowledge access to self-service processes. Enjoy the flexibility of accessing all services through preferred channels, be it mobile, computer, live chat, email, or collaborative workspaces. 

Portail Neocase

Offer your employees secure access to HR information via the Neocase application and online portal, ensuring a smooth experience on both computers and phones. Our OIDC identification system guarantees security for all users. 

Personalized User Experience for All 

Tailor the HR portal to meet the unique needs of HR managers, current employees, alumni, and potential hires. Enjoy a dynamic, personalized experience in 27 languages, promoting quick and optimal adoption of relevant information. 


Optimize your budget and enhance navigation by consolidating multiple HR sites into a fully configurable Neocase portal. Say goodbye to multiple intranet sites and welcome a user-friendly, cost-effective solution. 

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HR organizations around the world have improved productivity by using the Case Management and Knowledge Management tools in Neocase.

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HR spend less time on administrative work because they’ve automated processes through the Business Process Automation module. Instead, they’re spending the time doing strategic work.

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HR have simplified paper because they’re now creating, approving, signing and storing documents electronically.

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