HR Case Management


The HR Shared Service Center is the classic example of an organization that’s asked to do more work with fewer resources. This means managing and closing more cases with a minimal number of agents.
Fortunately, the HR Case Management module in Neocase HR Power gives agents the capability to efficiently manage and resolve all requests that come into the service center, thus reducing operational costs and improving employee satisfaction. Storing all your data in a central place, accessible from any location and easy to use, our HR Case Management tool ultimately improves your HR Service Delivery.


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HR Case Management

Benefits Of HR Case Management

Capture and organize requests easily and efficiently.

  • 75% higher productivity
  • Lower operational costs
  • Improved SLA compliance
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • A single, secure place for you to store your data
  • Allows your team to focus on strategic rather than administrative tasks
  • Archived cases may be easily accessed and experiences applied to current and future cases
  • Built-in system metrics help the determination of possible new policies, procedures or regulations that may be needed – such as additional training and education

Features of HR Case Management

This tool will enable your service center to tap into the right resources to resolve even the most complex cases efficiently.

  • The HR Case Management module receives requests from multiple inbound channels: mobile, email, chat, portal, telephone and text messaging
  • All requests are converted to cases and presented within a single dashboard view.
  • Color-coded dashboard graphics and configurable alerts maximize SLA compliance.
  • The dashboard is designed to accommodate high volumes of case data to support large global service center environments.
  • Real time access to documents, unstructured data, media
  • Automatically transfers each case to an employee with the appropriate knowledge and skills to deal with the case
  • Automatically transfers workloads to specific agents to maintain a balanced workload
  • Can be easily integrated with your existing HR resource management systems
  • Single point of contact dashboard
  • Receives requests from a range of inbound channels: emails, text messages, phone calls and routes them to the most qualified employee
  • Supports global shared services environments
  • Track progress of individual tasks within cases

To find out more about how our Case Management software could help your HR Service Delivery, download our datasheet.





The Advanced Business Process Management module fully integrates with the entire HR Power platform, including its HR Self Service Portal, HR Case Management and HR Knowledge Base components. The BPM solution provides tools to Design, Test, Publish, Analyze and Optimize complex HR processes as efficient, automated services.

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