Self Service Portal

Your employees and managers can access the Self-Service Portal from any device, including their smart phones.  That means they can answer their own questions anytime, from anywhere, so HR can focus on more strategic work.

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Are your HR reps still monitoring email boxes?  Neocase will convert those emails into cases, assign them SLA’s and organize them on your reps’ dashboards.  So, no more emails will be forgotten and your reps will save lots of time in the process.

01_Phone & Text Messaging

Telephony Integration & Text Messaging

Telephony Integration

When the phone rings, Neocase will know who’s calling.  And your HR rep will greet them by name, and know their call history.  Service centers take advantage of the integration between Neocase and their phone systems to make reps more productive, and employees happier!

Instant Messaging

Employees love the convenience of having their HR questions answered from within the tools they already use – tools like Skype, Slack and Yammer.  When an employee IM’s a question to HR using Skype, a Bot will come back with answers from the Knowledge base, or offer to create a case.  Or even offer to connect to a live agent.

Live Chat

When an employee wants to chat with a real-live HR service rep, they can do it through Live Chat.  Employees can receive personalized answers with links to knowledge base content.  And case records are created automatically, so you see a complete picture of service center activity, and employee demand within your weekly reports.


Chat Bot

If your company already has a Chat Bot, and you want to use that Bot for HR, you can use it with Neocase.  We’ve built an application program interface (API) that will enable your Bot to deliver answers from the Neocase Knowledge base, create new cases for an employee, and do lots of other things to keep the employees happy, and to allow HR to focus on more strategic work.


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HR organizations around the world have improved productivity by using the Case Management and Knowledge Management tools in Neocase.

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HR spend less time on administrative work because they’ve automated processes through the Business Process Automation module. Instead, they’re spending the time doing strategic work.

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HR have simplified paper because they’re now creating, approving, signing and storing documents electronically.

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