Do You Need a Tool for Vaccination Tracking? 

Employers are tasked with maintaining health and safety standards for their employees. For many companies, that means tracking employee vaccination statuses to ensure a safe return to the office. Simplify the process with a digital-first solution for verifying COVID-19 vaccination status.

Employee Vaccination Management Tracking-Desktop
SS-Managing Vaccine Documents

Streamlined Simplicity for Managing Vaccine Documents

For companies with thousands of employees, manually processing each employee’s proof of vaccination would be a mammoth task—one that would consume your HR personnel and distract them from other vital functions. With a COVID-19 vaccine tracking solution, you can streamline your proof of vaccination process and remove the manual burden from your HR staff, freeing them to work on other critical tasks.

Self-Service Model for Proof of Vaccination

With our COVID vaccine management solution, employees can conveniently handle the process themselves. Each employee uploads a scan or photo of their COVID-19 vaccination card. The system uses optical character recognition to verify the employee’s credentials with what is on their vaccination card, and then electronically records and stores this information in the system.

SS-Model Proof of Vaccination
Clear-Cut Confirmation of Vaccination Status

Clear-Cut Confirmation of Vaccination Status

When an employee uploads their vaccine card, if the system confirms that the employee is fully vaccinated, it will generate a COVID-19 vaccination certificate. If the employee is unvaccinated, the case can move to your HR team for processing. Employees’ vaccination information stays on file for future reference and to establish an audit trail.

Seamless Integration

The COVID-19 vaccination solution from Neocase seamlessly integrates with our other modules, so you can easily include vaccine tracking on the platform you already trust for employee document management, business process automation, and more.

Seamless Integration

Let’s Talk About Improving Your Vaccine Management Process

Talk to our team to learn more about our COVID-19 vaccine management solution and see it in action. We can answer your questions and help you determine if an automated vaccination status management tool is right for you.

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