AXA Partners is an international entity of AXA which offers a wide range of solutions in assistance services, travel insurance and loan & provident insurance. AXA Partners has a mixed organisation between a Shared Services Centre and local HR teams.

In 2020, Axa Partners revolutionized employee request management with Neocase, streamlining HR support and standardizing processes across regions.

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Improving compliance and audit readiness

Improving the employee experience by considerably reducing response times, employees benefit from an unprecedented quality of HR services

Greater visibility for strategic workforce planning

Standardise and customise integration processes using the no-code process and form editor

Simplify operations and boost productivity by integrating with third-party HRIS

Kevin Michenet Axa PArtners

“Automation is a real challenge for an organization as complex as ours. The big advantage of the Neocase tool is that it offers a huge amount of opportunity and flexibility in terms of customization.”

Kevin Michenet / Axa Partners



By deploying the Neocase HR solution, Axa Partners has digitized employee documentation management, onboarding and preboarding as well as employee requests. The flexibility of Neocase allowed a fine customization of the process settings and the distribution of requests, based on geographical criteria, skills and specific areas.

In 2023, Axa Partners extends the functionalities of Neocase to the offboarding process by automating exit interviews and studies the automatic generation of employment contracts as well as the potential integration of AI-driven support for HR managers.


In 2020, Axa Partners is transforming the management of its employee requests using Neocase, replacing fragmented HR support based on the exchange of e-mails and on processes that vary from one region to another.


  • Ensure regulatory compliance in the context of a global presence.
  • Improve the Employee Experience, making it consistent and user-friendly throughout the world, regardless of location or employee role.
  • Plan HR staff strategically by measuring activity.
  • Automate recurring requests to improve efficiency..

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