Self Service Portal

Our HR Self Service Portal allows employees to access a range of HR information, including payroll, benefits information, and company news anywhere, anytime and from any device. Our software gives power to your employees, allowing them to access important information by themselves, whilst reducing calls to your HR Shared Services Centres, giving your staff more time to work on other tasks.

According to Gartner, employee engagement can be achieved through an HR Self Service Portal, particularly if the portal is personalized to the employee. A hallmark of the Neocase HR Power Self Service Portal is its ability to be personalized to each individual employee.

Benefits of Self Service Portal

Employees, Managers and Business Partners have access to the capabilities and the information that makes each of them self sufficient and productive. Access from anywhere, at anytime from any device.

  • 80% reduction in calls to the service center
  • Lower operational costs
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Reduced calls to service center
  • Improved software security

Features of Self Service Portal

The personalization, configurability and accessibility of the Portal make it a practical and convenient tool for everyone involved.

  • Mobile access improves the employee
  • Personalized to the individual user for
    maximum employee engagement
  • Access to a personalized knowledge base
  • Merging with Case Management
  • Access content from 3rd party portals or other Intranet sites
  • Configurable by non-technical HR content owner
  • Gives employees access to personal information, benefits information, company policies, company news and more

Our HR Self Service Portal is easily integrated into your internal systems to create a streamlined and branded experience for your employees. To find out more read our datasheet.






Our HR Self Service Portal can be installed as stand alone, or with our other HR Power modules. It can be used in combined with our Knowledge Base module to allow employees to access personal information anywhere, anytime, from any device.

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