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Our HR Self Service Portal is easily integrated into your internal systems to create a streamlined and branded experience for your employees.

Find out how our Self Service Portal can automate your HR Service Delivery.

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Neocase Self Service Portal

Our HR Self Service Portal allows employees to access a range of HR information, including payroll, benefits information, and company news anywhere, anytime and from any device.

Our software gives power to your employees, allowing them to access important information by themselves, whilst reducing calls to your HR Shared Services Centers, giving your staff more time to work on other tasks.

Self Service Portal Benefits:

  • 80% reduction in calls to the service center
  • Enhanced Employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Lower operational costs
  • Reduced calls to service center
  • Improved search results enhances employee experience
  • Improved software security

Improve Employee Satisfaction & Engagement

According to Gartner, employee engagement can be achieved through an HR Self Service Portal, particularly if the portal is personalized to the employee. A hallmark of the Neocase HR Power Self Service Portal is its ability to be personalized to each individual employee.

Self Service Portal Key Features:

  • Mobile access improves the employee experience
  • Personalized to the individual user for maximum employee engagement
  • Gives employees access to personal information, benefits information, company policies, company news and more
  • Merging with Case Management
  • Access content from 3rd party portals or other Intranet sites
  • Configurable by non-technical HR content owner

Additional Modules for HR

Our HR Self Service Portal can be installed as stand alone, or with our other HR Power modules. It can be used in combined with our Knowledge Base module to allow employees to access personal information anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Collaborative Case Management

Capture and organize requests easily and efficiently. The collaborative Case Management tools in HR Power will enable your service center to tap into the right resources – both internal and external – to resolve even the most complex cases efficiently.

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Knowledge Base

Agents can access policy information in context, with less effort. The Knowledge Base plays a major role in HR Service Delivery. In fact, for many of the productivity gains that a Shared Service Center sets out to achieve, it relies on the Knowledge Base to deliver.  The Knowledge Base in HR Power delivers over 80% Tier 0 Resolution rate.

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Advanced Business Process Management

Advanced Business Process management The Advanced Business Process Management module in HR Power provides the tools to design, test, publish, analyse and optimize these complex processes as complete, efficient, and automated services.

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Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence module enables you to monitor, manage and systematically improve the value delivered by your service center, through real-time interactive dashboard displays, a suite of several dozen Performance Analysis Reports, a custom Report Builder, and Advanced Business Intelligence tools.


Proactive SLA Management

Meeting and exceeding customer expectations is at the core of sound service delivery. That’s why Proactive SLA Management is at the core of HR Power. SLA’s can be designed and configured according to a variety of criteria, including Process, Employee, Business Unit and Company.


Satisfaction Survey

The business of HR Shared Services is based upon two primary objectives: reducing the cost of service delivery, and increasing employee satisfaction. Measure employee satisfaction by configuring and distributing satisfaction surveys with the Neocase HR Power Satisfaction Survey module.


Neocase Connect

Neocase Connect seamlessly integrates with ERP and third party point solutions through a variety of methods including API’s, web services, ESB connectors, Single Sign On and user interface integration.


Email Management

The Email Management module in HR Power includes a Rules Engine for processing inbound emails, and Email Template tools that dramatically improve agent efficiency, and employee experience through higher quality, consistent communication. Configurable email templates and rules automate outbound email communication, improving both consistency and efficiency.


Live Chat

Customers and suppliers enjoy the convenience of engaging directly with live agents through on-line chat. The Live Chat module in HR Power delivers consistency through tight integrations to the Employee Record, Case Management, Knowledge Base and Survey modules.


Document Management

Neocase connectors automatically file documents collected within the case management process into enterprise document management (EDM) or ERP systems.

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Real-time Dashboard

Graphic SLA-oriented dashboards organize and pre-prioritize cases so agents can stay organized and focus on the right cases, completing them before their deadlines.


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