The Global Company is a large financial institution headquartered in the U.S. with locations around the world spanning the Americas, APAC, EMEA, and LATAM.

30+ Countries

Headquartered in the U.S.










  • Create a set of standards for call centers to follow
  • Create a way to triage information across regional shared services teams.
  • Develop new processes to deal with COVID related inquiries
  • Establish transparency and communication amongst HR teams
  • Maintain effective status reporting to transfer work across regions daily

Key Benefits

  • SLAs put in place
  • Empowered employees with self-service portal
  • Tracked all communications related to a case in one place
  • One central hub for HR
  • Efficient and consistent intake of key crisis management information across time zones and regions
  • Fast turnaround times and easy configuration
  • Custom reports help to drive decision making

Key Results

  • Create a way to triage information across three regional shared services teams.
  • Efficiently managed 4,500 COVID-19 related inquiries
  • Effective decision making through daily reporting
  • Implemented five new processes to support the changes brought on during COVID

HR Solutions for Global Companies

Neocase provides efficient and powerful HR technology that helped this global company with HR crisis management during the pandemic.

Purpose-Built HR Solutions for Global Companies

Global companies face complex challenges within their HR organizations. To be successful, they need a standard HR portal, streamlined processes, a way to set and measure SLAs, and a premier user experience.

Neocase is pleased to offer an HR service delivery solution that can help global companies save time, increase productivity, and improve employee engagement.

Take notes from one of our biggest clients, the Global Company. They’re a large financial institution headquartered in the U.S. with locations around the world spanning the Americas, APAC, EMEA, and LATAM.

They joined Neocase in 2018 and since then they’ve benefited from our adaptable and efficient solutions.

Before Neocase, the Global Company had no global tool that served as a centralized place to triage employee HR inquiries. PeopleSoft was being used for their HRIS system of record and they had 3 HR centers. Their knowledge base content was housed in different locations across their internal webpages.

They knew their employees deserved a premier employee experience. Even more important, they knew HR could focus more on strategic initiatives and transformation strategy if they didn’t have to spend so much time on manual processes. They were in need of a HR service delivery solution that could help manage all this and more, in one place.


Implement HR Transformation Quickly and Easily

At Neocase, we pride ourselves on being HR experts who serve our fellow HR professionals. That’s why our clients trust us to lead their HR transformation.

Their Program Manager, John A., was with us from the start. He worked with the Neocase team to see through a successful implementation, getting involved with User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and more.

“We were able to go live, and we were able to do that in two waves. By the time the second wave rolled out we were very successful.”

John A., Program Manager

We’re happy to hear it! Implementing Neocase is easy because it can be done in iterations, meaning the solution will grow and adapt as your organization does.

After implementation, their solution continued to develop as they built out their knowledge base, optimized global processes and measured SLAs.


How can Human Resources Manage a crisis?

Fast forward two years to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Global Company was suddenly faced with challenges no one ever expected.

So, what should organizations do in the face of the unknown? How can HR execute strategy and planning when there’s a crisis?

To answer these questions, John and his teammate Jane B. were pushed to think outside the box. Jane, Global HR Operations manager, led teams across the world, including the call center service, operations service, and the First Response Team, a COVID-19 response team. Together, they issued a crisis response plan.

New processes and workflows were required in order to gather information on suspected and confirmed employee/household member cases, a return-to-work protocol, and more. These issues needed to be quickly addressed by HR in order to keep HR, executives, and employees connected, healthy, and informed.

Awareness of the virus quickly rose in the U.S. around March of 2020. At this time, John and Jane began working on creating a crisis response infrastructure to manage the unique nature of the pandemic.

Their main challenge at the start of the pandemic was to quickly identify and capture information related to suspected and confirmed employee cases.

Was it possible to find a way to centrally capture all of this information in such a short amount of time?


That went seamlessly. We were able to configure our case management tool to create the data fields needed to capture the needed information to assess and provide a quick response. All done by our in-house team of system administrators.”

John A. Program Manager

You may even be surprised to learn that housing the updated Coronavirus information helped drive Tier 0 because they were able to drive self-service solutions through the employee portal.

Another critical first step in responding to the crisis was launching a crisis management team. Jane managed the 24/7 HR First Alert Team to help manage Coronavirus requests specifically. At first, they were meeting daily to stay aware of everything going on.

As they implemented automated processes with Neocase they were able to cut down their meeting frequency to just twice a week. Efficiency and time savings are vital for high stakes situations like this.

Their system administrators also created an advanced business process within the Neocase application. They added a tab to the General Request Form with a “Coronavirus Intake tab” in order to gather information on potential exposures. Gathering this information helped their HR team provide direction on next steps.

The Global Company was careful to follow the guidelines set in place by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). They also had to adapt to the local jurisdictional differences, as different countries and states had different criteria to account for in response to the pandemic. “We needed to accommodate individuals,” said Jane.

This meant creating personalized and localized resources and processes for employees. Depending on the location or role of the employee, they can access the resources that are relevant to them.

The Global Company also utilized Neocase’s Email Management Capabilities. “And the nice thing is with Neocase, it tracks the history,” shares John. With Neocase, you have the ability to convert an email into a case, route it to the appropriate team and store any email exchanges within the case.

HR agents can have a 360 view of all interactions that occurred on an employee case, saving everything in one single place.  This helped them maintain transparency and improve efficiencies.

They benefited from building out daily reports and sharing them amongst HR and executive teams, establishing lines of connections across teams. They could track either by region or by business unit to get different views on the situation at hand.

They also utilized custom reports. They gathered the right information from the intake form, exported it into a custom report, and used it to understand what’s happening big picture. This helped push data-driven decision making. Having the ability to customize reports was quite valuable for the Global Company’s HR team throughout the crisis.

“We would get the information on the intake form and then export the data to the report and the turnaround time was fast. It was very easy to use.”

John A., Program Manager

You can do all this in one place with Neocase. Our HR tech can help HR establish a better way to manage crisis communication, execute and optimize initiatives during a crisis.

Implement BIG changes in a small amount of time

Easy to use? Check! Fast to implement? Check! Neocase is the HR Service Delivery solution that HR wants to use because it is a simple and flexible solution allowing you to create and manage complex processes very quickly.

“Sometimes, in our sessions we just pull Neocase right up and build it on the fly while we’re having our meeting.”

John A., Program Manager

Neocase makes it possible to imagine a process and then build it on the go. To actually go into the system and design these automated processes only takes a couple of hours. Efficient processes can be brought to life in just a short period time with the drag and drop user interface. “I can make changes tonight that will be ready to go for tomorrow,” shared John,

“We implemented those changes very fast. The turnaround time was hours, not days.”

With Neocase, your organization doesn’t need to rely on IT to make big changes. Neocase empowers HR to take the reins to design and build solutions on their own.


What’s next?

Financial institutions are constantly in movement and they need additional processes and improvements to their solution that are as agile as they are. Things move fast and at Neocase, we’re here to keep up with all the exciting, new challenges that come our way.

In the future, the Global Company will explore ways to expand their solution via the Employee Document Management (EDM) module and other interactive opportunities like chatbots.

Neocase EDM can simplify document storage by storing all employee documents securely in one place. It’s a key step in your company’s digital transformation.

With EDM you can easily manage retention periods and purge criteria and get alerts to missing employee documentation. You have access to audit trails that provide that added level of confidence in your compliance. You can uphold confidentiality by defining document access permissions and retrieve files through the employee record or by Advanced Search.

Chatbots will provide the consumer-grade user experience that employees expect. Neocase can help you achieve that premier experience thanks to our Microsoft Teams and Slack integrations. The Neocase Chatbot – Neo, answers employee questions, driving self-service solutions, and at any time an employee can live chat with an HR agent if needed. Our platform’s main objective is to increase answer rate, not work for your HR team.


Why Neocase?

According to John, “the favorable attributes of the Neocase system are number one, the fast turnaround on the configuration. And you don’t need to be a coding genius to do that. It’s more configuration type work.”

At Neocase, we believe that process creation should be easy, not complicated. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing an easily configurable HR platform. When it comes to a crisis, time is of the essence and our speedy automated processes allow our clients to implement valuable change in a short period of time.

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