Cerba HealthCare pioneers preventive healthcare solutions with 50+ years of expertise in medical diagnostics. Assessing disease risks, conducting pathology screenings, and enhancing treatment effectiveness through personalized approaches.

Global presence on 5 continents, a team of 10,000 professionals, and an extensive network of 1,265 labs and 130 platforms across France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, and Africa. Explore the forefront of preventive healthcare with Cerba HealthCare.




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Substantial time savings during the signing of employment contracts

Improved efficiency for administrative managers: Contracts can be sent and signed at any time, with successive signatures by the relevant parties facilitated through Neocase integrated with Docusign.

Automated creation of digital folders for storing employees’ documents, ensuring compliance with GDPR.

Seamless operation of the ticketing tool between territories and the Payroll SSC, handling over 15,000 tickets in under 6 months.


Neocase is the exclusive portal for exchanging employee information between French territories and the Payroll SSC, ensuring timely delivery of 10,000 monthly payrolls. Integrated with ADP, it receives updates for efficient distribution.

The Electronic Employee Documentation Management solution centralizes, secures, and ensures regulatory compliance for HR documents.


January 2023: Cerba Healthcare implements Neocase to oversee communications between its internal clients (local HR teams, employees) and the Payroll Shared Service Center initially, followed by the other central HR departments in a subsequent phase..


  • Administering employment contracts and amendments, along with all necessary documentation for establishing a new employee’s administrative record and throughout their tenure with the Group.
  • Utilizing electronic signatures for specific documents.
  • Providing storage facilities that adhere to applicable regulations.
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Jacques Coffinière Cerba

“Neocase is the cornerstone of our transactions and access to HR information. It is an essential tool that will greatly contribute to the modernization of our HR processes.”

Jacques Coffinière / Groupe Cerba

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