• Thales UK engages in HR transformation improving efficiency and strategic focus

At a glance

Defence and Security

United Kingdom

80,000 employees

65% increase in productivity.


Many companies are turning to HR shared service centers (SSCs) to transform their HR operations from purely transactional entities to more strategic, high-value parts of the business. Over the last few years, Thales UK has transformed its HR organisation into a world-class HR shared services organisation to increase efficiency, improve employee satisfaction and provide a more strategic focus.
Thales UK is the UK’s second largest defense electronics supplier and is a part of the Thales Group, a global technology leader for the defense, security, aerospace and transport markets. In recent years, Thales UK has turned to an HR shared services model to support its 8,000 or so people in more than 40 locations across the country.


Dramatically increase the efficiency of Thales UK HR agents and Employee Satisfaction.

The idea of moving Thales UK to a shared services organisation emerged in 2007 to enhance on the already established payroll shared services operation for the UK.


Bring together
all processes to enable both a self-service facility
and a tiered approach to shared services.

  • A solution to increase agents’ efficiency
  • Integration with existing systems: HR and payroll
  • The ability to incorporate third-party HR providers


Cost effective and efficient whilst delivering
measurable ROI.

“We found Neocase to be not just competitive in terms of cost but also technically able to deal with the various demanding HR processes we have.”


Measurable ROI in record time

Thales UK was able to demonstrate results quickly. Joe Ales, Global Director of HR SSC said: “In all, we recouped the cost of our investment in Neocase within six to twelve months.”


Hear what they say


“We started our journey to transform HR by building the business case for change. Neocase
HR has been instrumental in helping Thales UK
achieve these goals. We’ve been able to demonstrate cost savings through streamlining processes and avoiding increasing costs to deliver the services that we really needed.”


Joe Ales — Global Director of HR Shared Services

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