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    Service Delivery has become the go-to strategy for companies that are looking to shift resources from administrative work toward higher-value, more strategic initiatives. A successful Service Delivery requires the tools for making business processes more efficient, while delivering a superior, consumer-grade customer experience.

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HR Service organizations can be at different stages of maturity depending upon their level of centralization, scope of services, delivery model and other factors. And these differences drive new technology requirements.

HR Ready is designed to support your services center in its first stage of digitalization, and evolve as you grow. This includes personalization in areas including the self-service portal, organisational structures, HR business processes and email templates.

The Evolution of the Shared Services Center




Neocase HR Ready is a cloud-based solution that’s pre-configured with employee templates, roles, relationships, HR processes and a services center team structure. It provides you with the core features that all services centers need, and at an affordable cost. And it provides you with multiple options to expand the functionality in the future.

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Neocase HR Power is an integrated, scalable and flexible HR Shared Services solution for streamlining HR service delivery processes, rapid implementation and accelerated Return-on-Investment. At Neocase we use an effective and efficient multi-tier service model.

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Neocase Corporate Overview

Learn more about Neocase Software as a company, including our mission, our technology leadership and our solution offerings.



Neocase Power for HR

Neocase Power for HR is a highly scalable HR Shared Services solution designed for large, global HR environments.



Business Process Management

The BPM solution provides tools to Design, Test, Publish, Analyze and Optimize complex HR workflow processes as efficient, automated services.


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