From proactive discovery and planning services to project management and solution deployment, we provide the expertise you need.

Professional Services

Neocase Services can help you get the most out of our solutions and yours to meet your individual needs. From proactive discovery and planning services to project management, solution deployment, and the final hand off to Neocase customer support, we provide the expertise you need. Neocase offers a comprehensive set of implementation, integration, consulting and data services, which we offer directly, or through our network of partners. 100% of our projects are successfully delivered.



Our Team

We are a strong global team. Our objective is delivering customer satisfaction within record time based on over twenty years of highly diversified professional services experience.

Our Project Managers have several years of experience in leading business transformation teams in HR, Finance and Customer Service functions. They have the experience and strong acumen to interface between business and technology teams at all organizational levels.

Our Operation Consultants have high competency levels in both Business and Solution operations accompanied by several years of experience delivering HR Transformation. They are highly skilled and experienced Neocase solution architects. Our Technical Consultants have advanced technical knowledge of data integration, software connectors, authentication protocols, encrypt mechanisms and Business Intelligence.

Our Deliverables

We at Neocase Software pride ourselves in delivering a high level of service on time and on budget to our customers worldwide from mid to large sized organizations.

Our Project Deliverables within our portfolio are designed with the Customer Success in mind:

  • SaaS & On Premise Environments
  • Workshops
  • Project Plan
  • Functional Specification
  • Technical Specification(s)
  • System Test Plan
  • Training Materials
  • Product Documentation
  • Technical Deployment Plan
  • Production Environment & System at Go-Live
  • Post Golive Hypercare

Customer Support

Neocase Software ensures our customers and partners experience superior customer support through our 24/7 self service portal, access to our robust knowledge base, and a toll-free phone line. Neocase Software tracks all customer service requests and ensures that our service level agreements are enforced to maximize our superior customer service.  Neocase Software is multi-channel, multi-lingual and directly integrated with Neocase Knowledge Management.


  Web Self Service: Fast and efficient and available 24×7




This is the preferred method of contacting Technical Support. Customers can submit, review, update, or close their cases over the Internet with Neocase Self Service. Dynamically integrated with Neocase Knowledge Base, there’s no need to wait for available solutions if one already exists. Customers can be automatically notified by e-mail whenever a change is made to a case.

Neocase Customer Support is available to named users only. Neocase provides access to Technical Support as well as a login and password for Web Self Service. To access Customer Support page, please click here.


Europe & ROW

Mon – Fri, except public holidays
From 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. CET


Mon – Fri, except public holidays
From 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST

Please contact your administrator for the contact numbers.


Impact-driven Service Levels




Business Critical

The impact of the reported error renders the Neocase Software solution completely non-functional. Neocase will respond within four (4) business hours from the time the issue is received. Neocase will commit personnel continuously until such time as the Neocase Software is returned to a functional state.


Significant impairment of essential functions. The Neocase Software solution remains usable, but core functionality is highly impaired. Neocase will respond and attempt to deliver a solutionor workaround within 2 business-days from the time the issue is received.


Non-essential functions impaired. Neocase will respond and attempt to deliver a solution to the issue within 5 business days from the time the issue is received.


Request for information or other non-impact request.