Société Générale is one of the largest European financial services groups. Based on a diversified universal banking model, the group combines financial solidity with a strategy of sustainable group. Its 160,000 employees based in 77 countries service more than 33 million clients throughout the world on a daily basis.To respond to the demands of operational efficiency and cost control, companies are now setting up shared services centers. Société Générale chose Neocase HR for its HR SSC to personalize the relationship with employees and thus make gains on both quality and efficiency.

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77 countries






Over 85% Employee Satsifaction


Professionalization of employee assistance
and 30% more inquiries handled with the same number of staff

Stéphane Mignola, says:

“Not only have we successfully completed the project in a record three months, but as a result we have also managed to handle more inquiries with the same number of staff. This success is due to Neocase teams’ involvement
in implementation and their support in conducting thechange, and because of the tool’s user-friendliness
and functional ergonomics.”


Neocase HR, open to staff and
to Human Resources Business Partners,
with special emphasis on managing service
level agreements

A solution dedicated to specific Human Resources
A multi-channel single point of contact (Telephone, Self-Service, E-mail)


To substantially improve the efficiency of support within the HR Shared Services Center and employee satisfaction

Over the 9 years it has existed, Société Générale’s HR SSC has followed a cycle of optimization. The richer the experience grows over the years, the harder efficiency gains are to achieve.


Operational excellence and cost control

Manage, automate and measure the processes for inquiries made by staff to the HR SSC.

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