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Working with Workday customers is what we know. Start building HR and employee experiences for everything you need.

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Neocase certified partner Workday
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The Only Workday Certified Partner for HR Service Delivery


Real-time data synchronization


100% Secured integration


Up to date on Workday policies


Supports all Workday updates

Used daily by 5 million users worldwide

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Why do you need Neocase if you have Workday ?

We partnered with Workday to cover all the functional needs of a decentralized, global, medium or large sized company.

It’s more important than ever to deliver exceptional, personalized employee experiences – all the time, across all your channels, throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

Use Neocase to manage an extended and advanced employee experience with Workday.

Neocase is the pioneer in HR service delivery with + 15 years of experience in HR.


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Increase your SSC productivity

Only a Shared Service Center can help your HR talent focus more on people and less on administrative tasks. Neocase is the only certified Shared Service Center solution for Workday customers that can help you and your HR department be more productive, reduce costs, and increase employee satisfaction.

Neocase certified Partner Workday - employee document management

Case Management for Workday Customers

Discover the Power of HR Collaborative Case Management for SSC

Reimagine how your HR works and automate your entire case management.
From email to your digital workplace, including phone with CTI and forms from Workday, you can automatically allocate your employee request by multi tiered teams, agent workload & skills, languages, and by local or regional Shared Service Centers.

Intelligent and employee centric Knowledge Base & Chatbot

Reduce your number of incoming requests

Offer your employees an expanded, employee-centric Knowledge Base experience directly from Workday. Give your employees the tools to find the answers to their questions on their own. Encourage your employee engagement and provide 24/7 HR answers thanks to our Knowledge Base, Live chat, and Chatbot for Microsoft Teams or Slack.

“Today, we get 25% less questions than what we used to. This means that the employees are finding answers on the portal. So, if we have less questions, we have less work for HR agents.”

Marc Sobieski, HR Operations Manager

Neocase certified Partner Workday - workplace
Neocase certified Partner Workday - surveys

SLA & Surveys for Workday Customers

Manage your employee satisfaction with SLAs

Enhance your employee satisfaction with advanced SLAs based on services, country calendar, service timetables and time zones. Use the Neocase survey module to manage the quality of the service delivered to your employees.

Business Process Automation for Workday Customers

Transform the way you Manage HR Operations

Refer all your HR operations to the Shared Service Center and configure in a simple way your business processes with drag and drop capabilities. Offer a seamless experience from Workday by using the Workday worker data for processes you create with Neocase.

Neocase certified Partner Workday - Extended workflows

Neocase is integrated with the tools your employees already use

Our Partners - DocuSign
Chatbot integration with Microsoft Teams
Chatbot integration with Slack

& many more

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Neocase certified Partner Workday - global processes

Build global processes while ensuring a local relevancy

With Neocase for Workday you can manage all exceptions by countries.

“Neocase was able to offer a solution where we could build an automated process that could guarantee a local relevance. This is where we saw the added value of Neocase. We were able to go into depth and build something that is 100% needed by each of the HR team globally”.

Sara Stroo, Global Talent Processes and Technology Team Lead

UCB Pharma - Our customers - Neocase

Business Process Automation for Workday Customers

No code = No third-party consultants

Thanks to our BPA you can build new workflows directly in Neocase with drag & drop. Let your HR take control with our easy and ready to use Business Process Automation module.

“Neocase is complementary because you can quickly implement the self-service yourself. You don’t depend on the provider and because it means money, you don’t depend on the internal IT departments, which are most of the time, a bit heavy in terms of governance and internal cost as well.”

Marc Sobieski, HR Operations Manager

AXA - Our customers - Neocase

Neocase certified Partner Workday - Business Process Automation

The power to create additional and flexible HR processes

We know what you need. Want more processes? We can help with that because we know how to build them. With Neocase for Workday you can manage all exceptions for processes and get full flexibility and easy configuration. All the worker data is collected from Workday and synchronized in real-time with our certified connector. You can give access to these processes from Workday pages.

“I think that the BPA is the greatest module of Neocase. It’s very good, very flexible”

Marc Sobieski, HR Operations Manager

AXA - Our customers - Neocase

Easy access to Documents for Employees and HR

One single place for your Employee Document Management

Centralize all documents regarding Employees in one single place. Your employees can access, review, upload, and validate documents with Neocase EDM for Workday. We are able to pull your Workday documents within Neocase.


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Neocase certified Partner Workday - GDPR


100% compliant with GDPR

Legal compliance in case of audit (purge, retention, expiration, mandatory documents).

Neocase certified Partner Workday - Article


Turn PDFs into articles

The days of sending tons of emails with your policies are over. With Neocase you can create an article in the Knowledge Base and link your document to it. It will be accessible anywhere, anytime thanks to the Neocase Knowledge Base Search Bar.

Neocase certified Partner Workday - Drag and Drop Documents

HR Processes for Documents made easy

Document requests and uploads

Create workflows to enhance your employee experience when requesting, sharing, approving or updating documents.

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