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Get the most out of Neocase Solutions in keeping your Administrators Certifications up-to-date with Neocase University.

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Neocase University - Trainings and Certifications

Training With an Instructor

Available Remotely or In Person

Session Multi Customers

Meet other Neocase Users by joining an already planed session about any area of Neocase: Core, Enterprise Portal, Business Process Management & much more…

Dedicated Session

Design a session adaptated to your needs and to your context with the Neocase Training Manager. Get precious insights on how to maximise your use of Neocase.

Discover the Online Training Platform

Available 24/7 and even offline

The Neocase Online Training Platform is a guided learning to get the most out of Neocase.

Each course walks your administrators through every part of the platform to help them navigate, discover, and maximize their impact with all of Neocase’s capabilities.

Access online lessons online, organized in categories to help your administrators scale up their use of Neocase.

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Keep your Teams up to date


Certification Exams

Neocase offers an official Certification for Administrators.
Your administrators are able to:

  • Train in person or remotely with an instructor
  • Train online and complete lessons, exercises and Quizzes
  • Register to a Certification Exam on the Neocase Online Training Platform
  • Take the Exam and get certified




Get the most out of Neocase.



Interactive Learning through Lessons, Exercises and Quizzes…



Get your Team Ready to use Neocase & give them access to an online Knowledge Base.



Take the online classes at your own pace.

Adaptated Content for Different Neocase users

Target which type of experts you want to train

Audience: Neocase Administrators, HR/IT project managers. Training available: Remotely, Face to face & Online. Duration: different based on the training session.


  • Manage, supervise and administrate Neocase application as an Administrator, a Basic Administrator, an Advanced Administrator or a Functional Administrator.
  • Understand and configure Neocase business processes.
  • Understand and configure Neocase Enterprise Portal.

Audience: Neocase Administrators, HR/IT project managers. Training available: Remotely & Face to face. Duration: different based on the training session.


  • Design and design and build complex business processes using the BPM module.
  • Become a Knowledge Base manager.
  • Manage and configure documents with the EDM module.
  • Manage, monitor and administrate Neocase Enterprise Portal.
  • Become a Neocase BI module expert and build custom reports.

Audience: FrontEnd Programmer. Training available: Remotely & Face to face. Duration: different based on the training session.


  • Configure Javascript safely in Neocase
  • Entirely customize the Neocase Portal
  • Customize Real time dashboards and Analytics dashboards and apply them to the Neocase Back Office.

Audience: Agents. Prerequisites: None. Duration: This training is scheduled in 1 day. Training available: Remotely & face to face.

Objective: This training aims to know how to use Neocase Application and manage SSC daily activities.

What our lovely Customers say

Thank you, it helped us to upskill the agents and allowed to better distribute the tasks.


It is impressive how Neocase is coming up with new initiatives and looking into future.

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