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A major objective of an HR Service Center is to reduce the number of cases that it receives and to maximize your Tier Zero Resolution. The best way to do this is by enabling employees to find answers themselves, by accessing a Knowledge Base through the Self Service Portal. Neocase HR Knowledge Base is designed to make it easy for any employee or manager to find the answer to their question quickly. Our Knowledge Base supports content in multiple formats, including video. You can define your own topic structure, so users can also easily navigate to content if they choose.

The content can contain deep links to smart forms and processes, so users can click directly from a policy document to a digital smart form, and begin a process. And that’s the kind of simple digital experience employees love!

Benefits of Knowledge Base

Agents can access policy information in context with less effort. Knowledge Base in HR Power delivers over 80% Tier 0 Resolution Rate

  • 80% reduction in calls to the service center
  • Enhanced employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Increased productivity by call center agents
  • Reduced training time for new agents
  • Personalization of search results improves the employee experience
  • Mobile access increases use of Knowledge Base, thus increasing Tier Zero Resolution and productivity
  • Import and content management tools reduce set up and maintenance time
  • Analytics optimize the use and value of Knowledge Base content

Features of Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base plays a major role in HR Service Delivery.

  • Employee-centric and personalized by matching search results to multiple data points in employee’s record
  • Searches made simple
  • Merged with Neocase HR Service Tools
  • Content management made easy
  • Fully-accessible through mobile devices
  • Supports multiple types of content including video
  • Supports importing existing content
  • Knowledge Base analytic reports to measure and improve Knowledge Base utilization
  • Intuitive content editing tools

Our HR Knowledge Base allows employees to answer their own questions, service center to train staff quicker and shorten call times.
Download the datasheet to find out how else our Knowledge Base can automate and optimize your HR Service.






The Neocase HR Knowledge Base module is fully integrated into HR Case Management, Chat and other modules which together comprise one comprehensive solution for your HR Service Center. To learn more about those other modules, click on the button below:

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