Paris, France June 30, 2018

New version of Neocase Software’s Neocase HR brings further automation to Shared Service Centers.

Product enhancements in Version 15 drive new levels of productivity for HR, and greater convenience for employees.

Neocase Software, the leading cloud supplier of integrated HR and Finance Service Delivery Solutions, announces the release of Version 15.

According to a study by the USC Center for Effective Organizations, HR organizations spend only 27% of their time doing strategic work.  That’s because – according to the study – 73% of the time is spent on manual administrative work.  A successful transformation requires a drastic reduction in time spent on the later.

Since 2008, Neocase has been developing tools that enable HR service centers to automate administrative tasks and transactions, so they can dedicate a higher percentage of resources to strategic initiatives.  Neocase Version 15 takes these capabilities to an unprecedented level through Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and design improvements.

HR users will benefit from a brand-new user interface and case dashboards, designed for service rep efficiency, team productivity and industrial-strength case management.

Employee Document Management has been augmented with a new connector for Adobe eSign in addition to the existing DocuSign connector, so companies using Adobe can now incorporate electronic signatures into their Neocase Business Processes.

In addition, Document Templates can now be generated with select portions of text dynamically inserted according to employee roles and case data.  For example, specific contractual parameters can be automatically inserted into an employee’s Contract Extension, based on the Union membership reflected in the employee record. These Employee Document Management enhancements have been designed to further automate one of the more time-consuming transactional areas of HR.

Version 15 improves the employee experience through a convenient Instant Messaging (IM) channel, integrating Neocase with popular IM apps such as Skype and Slack. An employee using Skype on her smart phone can communicate directly with the service center from inside the Skype app.  This convenience essentially brings the service to the employee, instead of requiring the employee to leave the app to access HR service.

And the REST API has been enhanced to enable a 3rd party chatbot to communicate more extensively with the Case Management module.  This makes it possible for the chatbot to execute more of the case management process, so that HR agents can focus their efforts on higher-value tasks.

Finally, the Neocase JavaScript (JS) Framework is a new library of simplified low-code JS that administrators can use to embed advanced business rules, calculations and controls within process smart forms within the Neocase portal.   This new JS Framework further extends process automation and HR productivity, while delivering a more dynamic employee experience.

According to Jerome Menard, Neocase Chief Technology Officer, “The enhancements in Neocase 15 are part of the Neocase mission to continually improve the productivity of our clients’ HR Service Centers, and the experience of their employee customers.  As a result, many more of our clients are making significant progress along their HR transformation journeys.”

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About Neocase™ Software Neocase® Software provides SaaS software solutions to HR and Finance Service Centers. Our clients use the solutions to improve their employee, customer and supplier experiences while reducing administrative costs through processes automation and workflow efficiencies. The solutions’ modules include collaborative Case Management, Business Process Automation, Electronic Document Management, Personalized Knowledge Base, Self-Service Portal and Analytics. Delivered in the cloud and leveraging the latest technological innovations, the Neocase® Software solutions integrate with core HR platforms including Workday (Certified Partner), SAP/SF, Oracle, and other third-party applications to achieve seamless user experience and automation. Recognized by industry analysts and currently supporting over 5 million employees across 180 countries, Neocase® Software is used daily by industry leaders including MGM Resorts, Bank of New York-Mellon, Smiths Group, Merck, Société Générale, Baker Hughes, World Bank, Thales Group, Renault, Air France, Canadian Tire, MAIF, Harrods, PSA Peugeot Citroën and many more.