Boston, USA – June 30, 2017

Neocase Software is excited to release key new features to its Business Process Management (BPM) module.

According to the 2016-2017 Sierra Cedar HR Systems Survey results, “Business Process improvement continues to be the number one area in which organizations invest. Today, 66% of organizations are planning a major initiative concerning a Business Process Improvement effort. The focus and time organizations plan to spend on Business Process Improvement initiatives has continued to expand for the last four years.”

Neocase is excited to release key new features to its Business Process Management (BPM) module that make it easier than ever for non-technical HR process owners to design, build and automate HR processes without having to rely upon technical resources.

These features include Sub-processes and Process Libraries.


Many business processes will include an identical sequence of steps.  For example, a “Work from Home Request” and a “Tuition Reimbursement Request” may both include the same notification and approval steps.

The addition of the Sub-process feature in Neocase means that the administrator can create a series of steps, events and actions as a unique Sub-process.  That Sub-process can be inserted into any Business Process or workflow, instead of re-creating the series of steps, events and actions in each Business Process that requires them.

The addition of Sub-processes means that complex business processes can be automated with less time and effort, further increasing the efficiency of HR.

Process Libraries

With business process improvement being the top initiative for HR systems investment, HR organizations are increasing the number of processes they choose to automate.  This increase has driven the need for tools to organize and segment groups of processes by specific criteria, such as Region or Country.

Neocase has added Process Libraries to its BPM module to facilitate greater efficiency and organization in managing multiple business processes.

Enhancements to Business Process Export (“Save as”) function

Another feature that reduces the time and effort required to build an automated process is the Business Process Export feature.  An administrator can save an existing process under a new Name.  Once saved, the process can be tweaked to suit the precise requirements.

Administrators can now specify which detailed actions to include and exclude from the new process.  This further reduces the time and effort required to automate HR processes in Neocase.

As the HR industry continues to invest in business process improvement, Neocase continues to enhance its service delivery solutions to assure its clients receive maximum return from their process improvement initiatives.

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