Paris, France – December 05, 2017

Neocase Software responds to HR Shared Service Centers’ demand for enhanced Process Automation with their latest Neocase HR 14.3 release.

Neocase Software, the leading Cloud supplier of integrated HR and Finance Service Delivery Solutions announces new enhancements for process automation in the latest release of Neocase HR 14.3.

68.4% of the delegates to the 2017 HR Shared Services and Outsourcing Conference in Chicago reported that Process Automation is the number one enabler for more knowledge-based work*.

Neocase continues to deliver advanced Process Automation capabilities through additional enhancements to its Business Process Management toolset in its latest release, Neocase HR 14.3.

New “Scope Settings” make it easy for process administrator to more rapidly create and modify automated processes by universally applying settings, such as SLA’s, Categories and Custom Field settings to all steps in a process.  Exceptions can then be managed individually.

New criteria parameters allow an automated process to support more “exceptions.”  Instead of HR professionals having to manually process a transaction that falls outside the “normal” criteria, the Business Process Management tool in Neocase HR 14.3 can now identify more exceptions, and process those automatically.

For example, if a certain workflow applies to “all countries except India,” the BPM tool can now identify the India transactions, and treat them appropriately, without agent intervention.

These enhancements to the Neocase HR Business Process Management toolset will enable more HR organizations to do more strategic knowledge-based work, by making it easier to automate processes, and by enabling the processes to automate more exceptions.explained Jerome Menard, CTO of Neocase Software.

*HR Shared Services & Outsourcing Summit Post Conference Report, May, 2017, page 5.

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