Neocase™ Software adds powerful Document Management features to its HR Service Delivery solutions

Boston, USA – June 30, 2017

Neocase continues to add greater digital document management capabilities into its products.


Recent enhancements include automated document generation, improved electronic signature functionality and a standard integration to the Digiposte “e-safe” employee document solution.


Automated Document Generation

Document generation can now be built into any Process and configured using the Neocase Business Process Management (BPM) toolset. A new “Generate a Document” action has been added to the automation tasks available in the BPM toolset.  Hence, a document creation no longer requires an HR Representative to select a template and can now be automated as part of any business process.  The template and document generation can now be defined within the BPM workflow editor.

This will dramatically reduce the time HR spends creating and delivering documents for any process ranging from Leaves of Absence to Employee Relations to Tuition Reimbursement.


Electronic Signature Enhancements

Neocase continues to build on its strong partnership with e-signature leader DocuSign.  The latest release of the Certified Neocase DocuSign Connector further simplifies the e-signature experience, while reducing time required to sign multiple documents.

  • Multiple documents included in a single step in a process, also simplifying process configuration and maintenance.
  • Multiple approvers, and the order of approval may also be configured into a single step.
  • The Employee language has been added to the Connector, enabling DocuSign to deliver signature notifications in each employee’s preferred language.

These enhancements will further simplify and reduce the time required to design and configure an automated process.  They will also improve the employee experience in electronically signing documents.


Integration with Employee Document “e-Safe”

Neocase Software has created a partnership with the French Post “La Poste” to provide a standard integration with their e-safe employee document solution Digiposte. This integration is comprised of:

  • A connector that posts documents collected and created by Neocase into the employee’s e-safe automatically.
  • A new “e-Safe” page has been created in the Neocase Self Service Portal to give employees direct access to their e-Safe documents.
  • Employee documents are also accessible via a new “Documents” tab in the Employee record in Neocase, and the respective Case Form document fields.

These enhancements will reduce the time and effort in searching for, and accessing employee documents for both HR professionals, and the employees themselves.


Recognizing the business value gained through Electronic and Digital Document Management (EDM), Neocase will continue to deliver enhanced product capabilities to bring this value to our clients.


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