A letter from our CEO

How we’re dealing with the COVID-19 global crisis at Neocase.

Neocase - Covid 19

Learn about the special steps Neocase has taken to support our Employees, Customers, Partners and the HR market during the COVID crisis. 

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Your employee experience begins with our employees’ experience. 

At Neocase, we work from the belief that a company’s employees are as valuable as its best customers.

When you create a better employee experience, your employees become more engaged in their work, and create a better experience for your customers.

The products and services that our employees deliver are designed to help you create that experience.

During COVID, we’re taken steps to keep our  employees safe, while enabling them to continue delivering the products and services that enable our clients to create the best possible experience for their clients. 

Learn how we're supporting our employees

We’re taking special steps to help our customers better manage the COVID crisis


We’ve designed COVID-related tools

in the Neocase product, and services to help our customers utilize them.


These include Self-service Portal and Knowledge base enhancements

to give employees peace of mind and an improved sense of connectivity during COVID, and Processes and workflows that enable HR to more efficiently manage the increased volume of requests.


Specific webinars & initiatives

We’re helping clients to take advantage of these through special COVID webinars and other initiatives. 

Neocase University e-learning tool

2-month Free Access to our Neocase University E-learning tool  

Neocase current customers can improve their product knowledge through our e-learning platform and our multi-client 3-days remote training at no cost during COVID. 

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Neocase is a great solution for service delivery for remote staff on a global scale.

Given we don’t know how long before we are able to head into the office, now more than ever is the time to transform your services.

Padmi Pathinather – Vice President, Global People Operations | Resmed

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for all companies

Free access to a Digital HR Case Management & Employee Portal

During Covid-19, Neocase offers a 90-days free access to our HR Ready platform to mid-size companies with 1,000 or more employees.   

  • Self-Service Portal
  • HR Case Management
  • Knowledge Base
  • Survey Management
  • Live Chat

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The Power of Partnerships

Neocase maintains relationships with a select group of Partners who complement our expertise and help you maximize the value you gain from Neocase.

Our partner - McBride Consulting
Our partner - Althéa
Our partner - Accenture
Our partner - Microsoft - Neocase
Our partner - ConvictionsRH
Our partner - Wavestone

More questions ? See our FAQs

What is Neocase HR Ready COVID solution ?

Learn more about this offer here.

Is Neocase offering any further support to customers ?

We understand that our customers are facing new and significant challenges. If your business has urgent needs, we ask that you contact your Customer Success Manager to discuss. We’ll be happy to help you. 

How is Neocase helping other companies ?

Neocase is granting free access to a special COVID version of our digital case management and employee portal solution, to provide immediately value to HR and their employee customer. This fis available to mid-sized organizations with 1,000 or more employees. Learn more

I'm a partner, and I'll want to participate and provide help to Neocase during this crisis. How ?

If you are a Neocase partner, you can contact us here to join our initiative.

Is Neocase prepared for COVID-19 ?

Yes. All our teams are working remotely and we ensure business continuity to our customers. You can learn more about Neocase’s business continuity plan in our support portal or in our letter from our CEO

You need help ?

Learn how your HR organization and employees can benefit from our initiatives.

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