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An HR Service Delivery solution priced and ready for use today, and extensible for your needs tomorrow.

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The Evolution of the HR Services Center

Neocase HR Ready

Your HR organization is at the stage where you need a service delivery solution that fits today’s requirements and budget, but future growth and expansion will likely present new technology requirements.

Neocase HR Ready is the answer. It provides the core features that all services centers need at an affordable cost. And it provides you with multiple options to incrementally expand the solution in the future.

Neocase HR Ready Benefits

  • Immediate productivity gains
  • Improved employee experience
  • Rapid ROI with entry level pricing
  • Positioned for growth
  • Out-of-the box HR Processes
  • Pre-configured for fast go-live
  • Comes with packaged services

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Functional Extensions

As your services center matures and your technology needs expand, you can incrementally add functionality, processes and integrations as you need them.

Additional Automated Processes

As you expand your scope of services, you can add more processes to the Neocase platform.


As you expand your service delivery into other countries and geographic regions, configurations can be extended to accomodate the changes.


This popular digital workplace access channel can be added whenever you’re ready.

Advanced Analytics

Gain greater insight into your service activity through key performance indicators and identify areas for improvement through root cause analysis.


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Neocase HR Ready

Neocase HR Ready is designed to support your service center in its initial stage of automation, and expand and adapt to your evolving requirements.



Neocase Corporate Overview

Learn more about Neocase Software as a company, including our mission, our technology leadership and our solution offerings.



Neocase HR Power

Neocase HR Power is a highly scalable HR Shared Services solution designed for large, global HR environments.


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