Neocase™ enables enhanced Chatbot Experience within HR Service Delivery

Neocase Software chatbot strategy focuses on flexibility and choice.

Tags: HR Shared Services
Paris, France, April 11, 2018

Neocase Software chatbot strategy focuses on flexibility and choice.

Neocase Software, the leading cloud supplier of integrated HR and Finance Service Delivery Solutions announces full Chatbot integration within its release of Neocase HR 14.3.

Gartner estimates there are over 1,000 chatbot solutions available today, with no emergent leader. This bot proliferation combined with mergers and acquisitions frequently results in a single organization supporting multiple chatbots. This creates a technical challenge, and an inconsistent employee experience.

To address these challenges, forward-thinking organizations look to standardize on a single chatbot. And to extend the utility of bots, these organizations are using bot frameworks to make their bot available within multiple environments including websites, apps, and collaboration tools like Slack and Skype.

Neocase now provides a foundational solution that will answer today’s demand for a chatbot, while providing flexibility and versatility in this developing market.

Neocase HR 14.3 includes a REST API for chatbots. This API is designed to integrate virtually any chatbot application to the Case Management and Knowledge base modules of Neocase. Thus, HR leaders can be assured that a Neocase implementation will support their chatbot selection today and in the future.

Multiple HR service centers are already using the API to integrate their enterprise chatbot with Neocase. The strategy also makes it possible to transition an employee’s chat conversation from a bot to an HR representative, if the employee’s needs exceed the capabilities of the bot.

The Employee Experience is becoming an increasingly important goal for HR Service Delivery. With this release of Neocase HR 14.3, Neocase takes employee experience to an unprecedented level by responding to the employees’ demand for convenient access to Chatbots through multiple applications, and seamlessly transitioning to a live agent, when necessary.

By responding to demand for chatbots within HR service delivery, Neocase has released a solution that will support the enterprise-wide communication strategies of HR service centers, while providing greater convenience to the employees they serve.