Enhancing Your Career Journey with Neocase’s Human Resources ‘Vehicles’

Getting where you want to go – that’s what cars and careers are all about – right? But what does the car you use to get to work have in common with your actual job? A lot more than you think, if your firm happens to use an HR Shared Services Solution. Because of the ergonomic designs, and corresponding ease-of-use, they both provide for easy daily interaction that helps you reach your intended destination. Let’s take a look…

Dashboards – Up-to-date relevant information at your fingertips is what a dashboard is all about. When driving your car you need to be able ascertain any hazardous issues or operational anomalies immediately at a glance. And when driving your career you need to have your review status, advancement opportunities, compensation and company policy information at your fingertips – to give you the data to best capitalize upon and empower your position – to help you help your firm.

Knowledge Base – Remember when you took your car to a ‘mechanic instead of a ‘technician’? The advances of digital science have enabled automobile designers, engineers and manufacturers to integrate computer technology seamlessly into the driving experience. The same is true when employees leverage human resources tools and information to their full advantage as part of their ongoing employment experience. The personalized content provided via the Dashboard is based upon the unique profile information captured in the Personalized Knowledge Base – the engine that drives human resources service delivery.

Communications – Vehicular Communications or V2V (vehicle to vehicle) systems are a network whereby vehicles and roadside units communicate with one another providing information such as safety warnings and traffic information. And while this new technology is still in the development process to then be rolled out into new vehicles; HR Shared Services communications are ahead of the curve – integrating email, case management, live chat and interactive survey data into the HR services being provided today. Message routing and archiving, survey feedback and analysis, and system rules/recommendation engines all work together to proactively serve employees and managers – to automate data processing and information access as well as help streamline collaboration – to best serve the organization.

HR Shared Services – tools and information that help you on your way; since on the road of life – it’s not the destination – it’s the journey.

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