During these challenging times of uncertainty with the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re taking special actions to support our employees, customers and partners.


  • How we’re supporting our employees

Our employees are the most important part of Neocase, and keeping them safe is our top priority during this crisis. We’re following the French government and World Health Organization recommendations by asking all our employees to work remotely. This began on March 16, and will continue until it’s considered safe to work in a physical group setting again.


  • How we’re supporting our customers

Business continuity

With employees working remotely, and HR receiving a higher-than-normal volume of questions and service requests relate to COVID, system availability is key. Our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) ensures system availability and support is continued without interruption.

The BCP was tested earlier this year during the nationwide labor strike in France, and the results were very positive.


Adapting systems to COVID-driven requirements

We’re helping our customers make special configurations in their Neocase solutions, that will make it easier to manage employee and HR needs resulting from the crisis.  These configurations are being communicated through videos, webinars and by Customer Success Managers.


access to on-line learning

We’re providing customers with free access to our Neocase University E-learning platform.  This will help our customers to train their employees during this period. 


  • We’re teaming up with our Partners to help our customers

Our experienced Partners increase our capacity to help our customers.  This increased service and support capacity is means that we can respond to our customers’ needs during the crisis, with the level of quality service they need. 

With the help of our Partners, we’re delivering weekly advice and practices to empower our customers to respond to the crisis more effectively.


  • We’re helping HR beyond our customer base

There are many mid-sized companies that are especially challenged by the impact of COVID on work, because they lack the digital HR service technologies to efficiently manage requests, while connecting their employees through a Self-service Portal.

To help these companies, we’ve configured a special HR service COVID solution that can be live in under 5 days.  This solution is available at no cost for 90 days and there is no commitment required to continue using the system after the COVID crisis.

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Q&A on how Neocase is managing this situation

Question 1 : Is Neocase prepared for remote working ?

Yes. Neocase has a Business Continuity Plan already in place, recently tested in December 2019. Our software tools are all cloud-based so our employees can work remotely without disruption.  To protect our clients’ data, Neocase consultants must connect through a VPN (secure Virtual Private Network) to access a client’s environment.

Question 2 : How is Neocase monitoring the COVID-19 situation ?

We’re continuously monitoring the recommandations of the World Health Organization, regional authorities and HR thought leaders. Our Management team is keeping a close eye on developments related to the coronavirus situation.

Question 3 : How is customer support being handled in regions where employees are working remotely?

Our network is continuously proactively monitored to meet organizational objectives and adhere to information security policies, standards and procedures.  Security testing, surveillance and monitoring enable the early prevention and/or detection and timely reporting of unusual activities that may need to be addressed

Question 4 : Will there be delays in feature requests or support resolutions?

Answer : No. Thanks to our internal processes and SLAs we don’t expect delays because our R&D and Support teams are able to work closely with customers and continue to support them as usual.

Question 5 : Should we expect any disruptions, downtime, or latency in regions affected by the virus?

Answer : No, we don’t expect any direct impact, because all our teams are working remotely. Despite the COVID-19 crisis, Neocase has been able to, and continues to provide cloud-based services on a 24/7 basis. 

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