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It helps organizations to reduce time spent collecting, creating, approving, signing, storing and retrieving documents

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The Neocase Digital Document Management Solution

Neocase provides capabilities to digitize key steps within the document management process. Neocase Digital Document Management is helping organizations to reduce time spent collecting, creating, approving, signing, storing and retrieving documents.

As a result, these organizations are reducing the dollars spent managing documents, increasing time available for higher-value work, and improving the experience of employees, managers and HR professionals involved in documentation processes.

Each step of the document management process contributes to this high cost

  • Collecting Documents from individuals
  • Obtaining Document Approvals
  • Obtaining Signatures on documents
  • Filing and storing completed documents
  • Properly managing access to documents

Incorporating these steps into an automated process can dramatically reduce operational costs within the service center, while improving the employee experience.

Digital Document Management Benefits

  • Document collection can be automated through multiple intake channels, including email, scanners, the Neocase self-service portal and 3rd-party systems via API’s
  • Personalized documents can be automatically created within a specific process, via configurable document templates and the Neocase Business Process Management (BPM) automation tools.
  • Document approval workflows can be designed and automated using the graphical process editor
  • Documents can electronically be signed through the certified DocuSign connector, as part of a workflow.
  • Neocase Connectors can automatically post documents to a 3rd party document storage system, upon case closure, or process completion.
  • Externally-stored digital documents can be accessed from employee records and cases in Neocase, via hyperlinks to 3rd party storage systems.

Industry Challenges driving the need for a solution.

According to Microsoft, over 30 billion original documents are used each year in the United States. And the cost of documents to corporations is estimated to be as much as 15 percent of annual revenue.

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Digital Document Management Architecture


Additional Modules

The Digital Document Management module fully integrates with the entire HR Power platform, including its HR Self Service Portal, HR Case Management and HR Knowledge Base components. The BPM solution provides tools to Design, Test, Publish, Analyze and Optimize complex HR processes as efficient, automated services.

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